What are Top 10 martial arts weapons?

I was thinking of learning some weapons and i would like some suggestions.

10. Shurikens, used by ninjas as a long range weapon their pretty cool but not as effective as movies make it seem.

9. Bo staff, it's a staff that's used to disarm opponents of other weapons and what them.

8. Spear, like a Bo staff with a pointy end has great reach and can be very deadly.

7, Broadsword, typical sword nothing special.

6. Knives, knives are great for close range combat and can be thrown, if you doubt the effectiveness of this weapon go check out some native American knife fighting vids these guys are beast.

5. Bow and arrow, best long range weapon used by everyone from the legendary samurais to the brave Native American warriors.

4. Nunchakus, just plain awsome if you doubt it's awesomeness check out some of Bruce Lee's nunchaku vids.

3. Katana, the best slicing power available.

2. Twin Hook Swords, watch deadliest warrior episode Shaolins vs Maoris and you'll be impressed.

1. The mind, a sharp mind is worth more then a sharp sword.

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