What kind of fighting do assassins use in martial arts?

Im thinking of doing martial arts and just wondering What kind of fighting do assassins like ac 3 and 4 do or Almost the same eg karate.thnx.

No martial art in the world including modern ninjutsu teach assassination. Assassination is almost specifically a government job and is rarely done.

They do not learn specific martial arts, but a variety of martial arts creating a system designed to seriously injure and or kill the enemy.

The closest martial art that focuses on such sheer brutality is TRUE Israeli Krav Maga and Special Forces Hand to Hand systems like SQT etc.

The type of fighting system our government teaches is probably classified and even then it is rarely used in the field. It is easier to poison, stab, strangle, or shoot the enemy.
We have some idea that arts they do include are boxing, krav, combat jui jitsu , judo, kali, etc


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