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I love okinawa karate masters and while I search I found amazing video about Glyn Jones, a karate master, so I thought I could share with all of you the Video and details about this amazing master

Glyn Jones is a pupil of the Okinawan Karate Instructor Shigetoshi Senaha
Sensei ninth Dan. Even though being his Sensei's England Representative.

Glyn started education in the Martial Arts at an early age underneath the tutelage of his
father, Roy Jones, in the Arts of Japanese Judo & Ju Jutsu. A collection of lucky
nearby meetings and events as a teen permitted Glyn to be acknowledged as a single of
the handful of college students of the late Ju Jutsu Ka and Forces Un Armed Overcome Teacher
Bill Webb Bowen.

Glyn's instruction in Karate commenced in 1982 underneath the nicely renowned and no nonsense
Karate teacher Cyril Cummins Sensei of The Japan Karate Affiliation, heading on
to acquire his Shodan in Karate in 1988. Relocation gave Glyn the prospect to
discover and encounter a large variety of Karate Dojos, Variations and Instructors in the
U.K. and about Europe. All through the nineties he educated beneath practically each
Japanese or Okinawan Karate instructor that frequented the shores of the U.K.

Two of Glyn's most influential Karate Lecturers in excess of a variety of many years have been
Slater Williams Sensei, a Senior Scholar of Taiji Kase Sensei. Williams Sensei
at the moment being a formidably highly skilled and powerful exponent of Karate. It was this
education and learning that very first provided elements of Okinawan Ti to Glyns focus, through a
time of schooling the two in the Shotokan & Goju Ryu types of Karate. Glyn firmly
thinks that "Exceptional Karate is Extremely excellent Karate". For properly far more than a 10 years Glyn was
also a shut inner pupil of Brian Hinchliffe Sensei of the Ho Ei Juku in the Artwork of
Goju Ryu Karate, this obtaining in the times when Hinchliffe Sensei only experienced an
handful of significant honest learners, soon soon after just not way too prolonged ago returning from the Seishikan
Dojo of Heiji Tada Sensei in Fushimi, Kyoto, Japan.
Glyn Jones Sensei attained equally his 4th and fifth Dan Karate Certifications from
the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Honbu Dojo, the Butokuden in Kyoto, Japan. Collectively
with obtaining his fifth Dan in Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate at the Honbu Dojo of the
Ryusyokai in Tomigusuku, Okinawa, Japan, quickly from his trainer Shigetoshi
Senaha Sensei ninth Dan, then as soon as a lot more obtaining his 6th Dan and Renshi title from
his Sensei in 2011. Glyn is also the holder of a 2nd Dan in Japanese Ju Jutsu.

To date Glyn proceeds to practise, analysis, analysis, and teach Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate, Kobudo and variables of Ti as
passed on to him by his Teacher Shigetoshi Senaha Sensei ninth Dan, collectively with also acquiring direction from other
senior Okinawan lecturers as in Kyoshi Hidenobu Tamaki eighth Dan.

As a Sensei Glyn's goal is to move on the Art of Okinawan Karate to a modest volume of Truthful and Extreme personalized
pupils, in a way that he has been taught himself, a way that he thinks to be right and proper.

A video showing Glyn Jones operating on and teaching the effectiveness to be found in a pair of of the Jodan methods of the 20 Ippon Kumites of Meitoku Yagi Sensei. At his non-public Shinkenkan Dojo England U.K.

and a great pictures collection of personal sitiuations of Glyn Jones added in this page:

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