Karate master from Okinawa Karate and Kobudo

To learn karate by a master from okinawa karate school and kobudo is the best thing you ever know.
and here is some of great masters of okinawa karate and kobudo
Including the Grand Master of the largest karate federation on Okinawa  welcome each of you to the study of this time honored sport.
his teaching techniques are based on Traditional Okinawan Martial Arts learning methods. Learning Karate and Kobudo is a step by step process, it takes time and practice. The history of there style is very important to your understanding of Kata (forms) and Kobudo (weapons).
If you are a Martial Artist or potential student take the time to Study the Okinawan History; you will find it very interesting. And right here the top 100 great master of Okinawa karate schools and kobudo:
Okinawan Karate martial artist, instructor, and historian, Tetsuhiro Hokama provides a clear and thorough review of 100 of the most well known and influential Okinawan martial artists. Includes photos and life details of each of the masters.
The Martial Valor of Bushi Matsumura
Motobu the Monkey
Miyagi Chojun
Yabu Kentsu
Higa Yuchoku

Fukuchi Seiko
Yu Jianji
Zheng Hui
Makabe Choken
Chinen Shikiyanaka
Sho Kei
Sho Boku and Sho On
Seo Sei and Sho Ko
Chatan Yara
Sakugawa Kanga
Morishima Kanga
Matsumura Sokon
Mrs. Matsumura: Tsuru
Matsumura SKosaku
Bushi Higa of Kunenboya
Chinese Martial Artists
Itosu Anko
Tsuken Akachi
Asato Anko
Kyan Chofu
Maesato Ranpo
Arakaki Seisho
Kanagusuku Ufuchiku
Higaonna Kanyu
Higaonna Kanryo
Kuwae Ryosei
Kano Jigoro
Yabu Kentsu
Motobu Choyu
Kinjo Matsu
Funakoshi Gichin
Kudeken Kenyu
Hanashiro Chomo
Shimabuku Seibun
Kyan Chotoku
Notobu Choki
Zhou Zihe
Uechi Kanbun
Yabiku Moden
Nohara Hoichi
Ire Matsutaro
Chinen Masami
Kina Shosei
Shiroma Taisei
Chibana Choshin
Tokuda Anbun
Wu Hsienhui
Tang Daiji
Kyoda Juhatsu
Oshiro Chojo
Toyama Kanken
Matayoshi Shinko
Miyagi Chojun
Mabuni Kenwa
Shiroma Shinpan
Higa Yusuke
Soken Hohan
Koujima Zuisei
Amuro Jitsuyoshi
Nakamoto Heisaburo
Nakamura Shigeru
Kamiya Jinsei
Miyahira Seiei
Ura Soki
Gima Shinkin
Kaneshima Shinsuke
Tomoyose Shinsuke
Tomoyose Ryuyu
Taira Shinken
Higa Seko
Chitose Tsuyoshi
Arakaki Ankichi
Tokuyama Seiken
Kaneshima Shinei
Shinzato Jinan
Iraha Choko
Toma Jiki
Uechi Kanei
Izumikawa Kantoku
Tamaki Juei
Nagamine Shoshin
China Tsuru
Kushi Jokei
Hisataka Kori
Shimabuku Taro
Takara Shigeru
Kochinda Saburo
Shimabuku Tatsuo
Maeshiro Chotoku
Shimabuku Zenryo
Shimabuku Natsukichi
Higa Yuchoku
Kojo Yoshitomi
Uechi Kanei
Kina Seiko
Nakaima Kenko
Iji Chono
Kyan Shinei
Miyagi Shikichi
Yoshizato Shintaro
Mikami Gokyo
Nakamoto Seijin
Toguchi Seikichi
Fukuchi Seiko
Matayoshi Shinpo
Miyazato Eiichi
Arakaki Seiki
Akamine Eisuke
Higa Seikichi
Shinjo Seoyu
Kishaba Chokei

Karate Master from Okinawa Karate and Kobudo News:
4th International Okinawa Karate tournament
Kyoshi Gamini Soysa, 8th Dan Sri Lanka Rep. of Okinawa Karate Do Shorinryu Shorinkan Association Okinawa, Japan, and President, South Asia Okinawa Shorinkan Federation will hold an international Karate and Kobudo camp with several top participants

Lady Kyoshi encourages drive to succeed Her dojo - formal training place for the martial arts - is filled with the proof, rows of trophies and walls covered with certificates.

this post list for you the best known Okinawa karate and kobudo masters a we wished to be,we hope you interested.

Glyn jones Okinawa karate

I love okinawa karate masters and while I search I found amazing video about Glyn Jones, a karate master, so I thought I could share with all of you the Video and details about this amazing master

Glyn Jones is a pupil of the Okinawan Karate Instructor Shigetoshi Senaha
Sensei ninth Dan. Even though being his Sensei's England Representative.

Glyn started education in the Martial Arts at an early age underneath the tutelage of his
father, Roy Jones, in the Arts of Japanese Judo & Ju Jutsu. A collection of lucky
nearby meetings and events as a teen permitted Glyn to be acknowledged as a single of
the handful of college students of the late Ju Jutsu Ka and Forces Un Armed Overcome Teacher
Bill Webb Bowen.

Glyn's instruction in Karate commenced in 1982 underneath the nicely renowned and no nonsense
Karate teacher Cyril Cummins Sensei of The Japan Karate Affiliation, heading on
to acquire his Shodan in Karate in 1988. Relocation gave Glyn the prospect to
discover and encounter a large variety of Karate Dojos, Variations and Instructors in the
U.K. and about Europe. All through the nineties he educated beneath practically each
Japanese or Okinawan Karate instructor that frequented the shores of the U.K.

Two of Glyn's most influential Karate Lecturers in excess of a variety of many years have been
Slater Williams Sensei, a Senior Scholar of Taiji Kase Sensei. Williams Sensei
at the moment being a formidably highly skilled and powerful exponent of Karate. It was this
education and learning that very first provided elements of Okinawan Ti to Glyns focus, through a
time of schooling the two in the Shotokan & Goju Ryu types of Karate. Glyn firmly
thinks that "Exceptional Karate is Extremely excellent Karate". For properly far more than a 10 years Glyn was
also a shut inner pupil of Brian Hinchliffe Sensei of the Ho Ei Juku in the Artwork of
Goju Ryu Karate, this obtaining in the times when Hinchliffe Sensei only experienced an
handful of significant honest learners, soon soon after just not way too prolonged ago returning from the Seishikan
Dojo of Heiji Tada Sensei in Fushimi, Kyoto, Japan.
Glyn Jones Sensei attained equally his 4th and fifth Dan Karate Certifications from
the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai Honbu Dojo, the Butokuden in Kyoto, Japan. Collectively
with obtaining his fifth Dan in Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate at the Honbu Dojo of the
Ryusyokai in Tomigusuku, Okinawa, Japan, quickly from his trainer Shigetoshi
Senaha Sensei ninth Dan, then as soon as a lot more obtaining his 6th Dan and Renshi title from
his Sensei in 2011. Glyn is also the holder of a 2nd Dan in Japanese Ju Jutsu.

To date Glyn proceeds to practise, analysis, analysis, and teach Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate, Kobudo and variables of Ti as
passed on to him by his Teacher Shigetoshi Senaha Sensei ninth Dan, collectively with also acquiring direction from other
senior Okinawan lecturers as in Kyoshi Hidenobu Tamaki eighth Dan.

As a Sensei Glyn's goal is to move on the Art of Okinawan Karate to a modest volume of Truthful and Extreme personalized
pupils, in a way that he has been taught himself, a way that he thinks to be right and proper.

A video showing Glyn Jones operating on and teaching the effectiveness to be found in a pair of of the Jodan methods of the 20 Ippon Kumites of Meitoku Yagi Sensei. At his non-public Shinkenkan Dojo England U.K.

and a great pictures collection of personal sitiuations of Glyn Jones added in this page:

Hope it will be shared good.

Okinawa Uechi ryu karate Katats, Dojos, and Black belt requirments

Uechi-ryu (Uechi-rya) is a normal type of Okinawan karate. The founder of Uechi Rya was Kanbun Uechi (1877 - 1948), an Okinawan who went to Fuzhou in Fujian Province, China to examine martial arts when he was 20 many a long time earlier.Uechi-rya  indicates "Style of Uechi" or "College of Uechi".
The current list of empty-hand kata is:
  1. Sanchin
  2. Kanshiwa
  3. Kanshu
  4. Seichin
  5. Seisan
  6. Seirui
  7. Kanchin
  8. Sanseirui (also known as Sandairui)

Like a good deal of arts, Uechi Ryu seasoned organizational splits pursuing its founder's decrease of lifestyle. Some of the senior practitioners of the very first artwork crack up from the main company and produced other companies or styles, this kind of as Shohei-ryu and recreated variants of Pangai-midday. The rift arrived about by way of some lecturers in lookup of to train a assorted type of Uechi (from marginally numerous kata to far more current conditioning drills), and some wanting to prepare the "classical" variety as created by Kanbun. The versions among the four remaining crucial teams are unnoticeable to the comfortable observer, and some in Okinawa take into account that a substantial part of the crack up was since of to persona conflicts.

Many Organizations support and teaching Uechi Karate styles as:
  1. Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association (Soke Shubukan)headed by Kanmei UECHI
  2. Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association (Okikukai Uechi Ryu)— headed by Shintoku TAKARA
  3. The Okinawa Karate Do Association (Okikukai Shohei-ryu)—headed by senior students of Kanei UECHI in rotation
  4. Okinawa KarateDo Uechi-Ryu Zankyokai (Zakimi Shubukan)—headed by Naomi TOYAMA
  5. International Kenyukai Association (Kenyukai)—headed by Kiyohide SHINJO: Started as a fraternity within the Uechi Ryu Association in 1981 
  6. International Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Federation—headed by George MATTSON
  7. International Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association (Kokusai Kyokai)—headed by James THOMPSON
  8. Ryukokaku Karate and Kobudo Association—headed by Shinyu GUSHI
  9. Fukken Koryu Bujutsu Kan—headed by Mark J BRELSFORD
  10. Ji Teki Jeku—headed by Master Ken NAKAMATSU
  11. World Association of Uechi Ryu Karate-Do—headed by Yoshi ARAKAKI
  12. Uechi-Ryu Butokukai—headed by Buzz DURKIN
  13. Uechi-Ryu Karate Association Hong Kong—headed by Robert CAMPBELL
uechi-ryu.com presents as many as videos and amazing illustrations you want t follow in addition to some valuable tips about healthy life style and great advices on how to succefull with Karate Dojo.

It does not "always" lose in vs. muay thai, but some karate is not meant for sport. I'm really fatigued of this "properly this design would kick this designs ass" debates people have. Not everyone trains for ring fights, and not each martial art is meant to be utilized as activity. For case in point, Pangi Noon (i think that is how you spell it) utilizes a Good deal of open up hand and grabbing techniques. If you set boxing gloves on them, they wouldn't do so well from a boxer would they? It's all relative.

The Black Belt in Uech Ryu Karate requires: SHODAN (BLACK BELT I)
Seisan Bunkai
Student Creed (all)
Dan Kumite (Speed&Power)
Kick Exercise (Speed&Power)
25 Push-ups
Stretching excercises
Technique excercises
Arm rubbing & pounding
Free Sparring/Fighting
Self Defense: Controll #2, Controll #3, and Kota Gaeshi
First Aid -- 1 & 2
CPR Training-Adults
Community Service
Oral Exam

Help to be helpful, if you need extended research I will do it for you.

World Okinawa Karate-Do Organization (W.O.K.O)

The WOKO - World Okinawa Karate-do Organization was organized by joint committee by the World Organizer of Martial Arts - The Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate-do Association Shidokan and Soke Holdings International Inc.
The Legitimate and original Founders of the organization are as follows :
Mohammad I. Tianero,Hanshi
Dominador N. Caballero Jr.,Kyoshi
Reynaldo V. Diaz, Kyoshi
Anselmo Delos Santos Jr.,Kyoshi
Benjamin V. Varilla , Kyoshi

It is said that the traditional Okinawan martial arts called Te and Chinese Kenpo were blended together and developed into Karate. Karate later underwent significant developments in Okinawa based on several factors, including the policy of banning weapons following the political centralization of King Shoshin (1477-1526) and the Satsuma Clan's invasion of Ryukyu (1609).
Chotoku Kyan (2nd from left, 1941).
It later developed further through a process of systematization into 'Modern Karate', which actually had a lot to do with the efforts of the men known as the Chuko no so (The Revivers), including Sokon Matsumura (1828-1898) of the Shuri-te style, Kosaku Matsumora (1829-1898) of the Tomari-te style and Kanryo Higaonna (1853-1915) of the Naha-te style.
In 1908, 'The 10 Articles of Karate prepared by Anko Itosu were submitted to the Educational Affairs Section of Okinawa Prefecture. After that, karate started being introduced into the school gymnastics curriculum, thus acquiring broad accessibility, in contrast to the previously secret principles of Isshi-soden (the complete transmission of a ryu's techniques only to your heir).
Group training at Okinawa Prefecture 2nd Junior High School, 1937 (Instructor: Juhatsu Kyoda)
Group training at Shuri City 1st Elementary School, 1937 (Instructor: Shinpan Shiroma)

 Back in the early 20th century, karate began to be introduced throughout Japan by several master, including Gichin Funakoshi (1871-1954, Founder of Shotokan-ryu), Kenwa Mabuni (1891-1952, Founder of Shito-ryu;), Kanbun Uechi (1877-1948, Founder of Uechi-ryu) and Chojun Miyagi (1888-1953, Founder of Goju-ryu). Also throughout Okinawa, karate was taught by masters such as Chotoku Kyan (1870-1945), Choki Motobu (1870-1941) and Choshin Chibana (1885-1969, Founder of Shorin-ryu).
It has been said that the original name of Todi was changed to the name 'Karate' (empty hand) around this time.
Karate began spreading around the world after the war. The biggest contributors were the many emigrants who went to live abroad full of ambition, and the U.S. military personnel occupying Japan at the time.
In 1969, Karate-ka were invited from Okinawa to give a demonstration at the 1st All Japan Karate Championship Tournament held at the Nihon Budokan in Tokyo. Then in 1984, Tsuguo Sakumoto (Ryuei-ryu) won the Men's Division of the 7th World Karate-do Championship, held in the Netherlands. In 1987, Okinawa Karate achieved both Men's & Women's overall victories in the Karate-do Division of the 42nd National Sports Festival (the Autumn Session, known as Kaiho-Kokutai) .

World Okinawa Karate-Do Organization (W.O.K.O) it is an Okinawan Karate association which award Karate students the Okinawan Karate Certificate .

Karate in Okinawa Prefecture

 Whom don't Know Okinawan Karate didn't Know about Original Martial arts
Okinawa prefecture is one of four islands in southwest of Japan, Okinawa capital is Naha city,Okinawa Prefecture consists of hundreds of Ryukyu Islands; its long over 620 mile wich extends southwest of Kyūshū and administrating some Islands called Senkaku Islands , Japanese may say Okinawa prefecture as  Okinawa-ken other Okinawan call it Uchinaa-ken.
many sports has developed in Okinawa Prefecure no only the karate but Okinawan karate born in Okinawa prefecture and developed into several styles and techniques, but three styles considered as the minor styles in Okinawa prefecture,  Shorin-Ryu, Goju-Ryu and Uechi-Ryu, also these Okinawa main styles developed into many sub-styles like: Wado Ryu, Shorin-Ryu, Uechi Ryu, Goju Ryu, Shotokan, Isshin-Ryu, Shito-Ryu, Shorinjiryu Kenkokan, Shorinjiryu Koshinkai, Shorinji Ryu, Shuri-ryū, and Pangai-noon; these all Okinawa Karate styles referred as Traditional karate and represented in World Karate federation (WKF).

karate techniques, Karate Okinawa techniques, Okinawan Karate techniques
Karate techniques in Okinawa Prefecture
Okinawan Karate techniques:
Here is some good a sample of Karate techniques of karate Okinawa prefecture
 SHUTO UCHI: knife-hand to opponents throat
Knife hand is one of primary and most effective weapons of old Okinawa karate.
 SAGURI-TE: eye gouge
In self-defense, you can easily gouge opponents eyes with your fingers.
 HIZA GERI: knee smash
Knee is one of most formidable weapons of karate. You don’t need too much practice to understand its use.
 EMPI UCHI: elbow smash
Elbow and knee are best used in close distance.
 USHIRO EMPI UCHI: elbow smash
This is similar technique.

Students and Masters of martial arts from Okinawa Prefecture, from both the present era and the Ryūkyū Kingdom-era (before 1879). Listed here with their disciplines.
Okinawa Karate Masters of Karateka:
    Seiichi Akamine
    Ankichi Arakaki
    Arakaki Seishō
    Ankō Asato
    Chōshin Chibana
    Masami Chinen
    Chokei Kishaba
    Gichin Funakoshi
    Shinpan Gusukuma
    Chōmo Hanashiro
    Higa Peechin
    Sekō Higa
    Higaonna Kanryō
    Higaonna Kanryu
    Morio Higaonna
    Kōri Hisataka
    Seikichi Iha
    Seiichi Iju
    Ankō Itosu
    Kanki Izumigawa
    Kanken Tōyama
    Masanobu Kikukawa
    Chogi Kishaba
    Chōtoku Kyan
    Mabuni Kenei
    Kenwa Mabuni
    Masaji Taira
    Shinko Matayoshi
    Kōsaku Matsumora
    Nabe Matsumura
    Matsumura Sōkon
    Chōjun Miyagi
    Katsuya Miyahira
    Eiichi Miyazato
    Motobu Chōki
    Motobu Chōyū
    Shōshin Nagamine
    Takayoshi Nagamine
    Nakama Chozo
    Seigi Nakamura
    Shūgorō Nakazato
    Nishihira Kosei
    Seikichi Odo
    Teruyuki Okazaki
    Toshihiro Oshiro
    Kanga Sakukawa
    Tatsuo Shimabuku
    Zenryō Shimabukuro
    Kiyohide Shinjō
    Katsuhiko Shinzato
    Hohan Sōken
    Taira Shinken
    Peichin Takahara
    Seikichi Toguchi
    Kanbun Uechi
    Kanei Uechi
    Ansei Ueshiro
    Kentsū Yabu
    Meitatsu Yagi
    Meitoku Yagi
Okinawa Karate Masters of Kobudo
    Shinko Matayoshi
    Toshihiro Oshiro
    Taira Shinken

Karate in Okinawa Prefecture is the Original Karate techniques where it born (as sought) and developed into amazing styles, it is a dream to learn from masters of Okinawa.

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