A4 A5 Children's Martial Arts Certificate Holder for Proud Memories

Good Solution for Children's Medal, Badge & Certificate Holder.
Most advanced than cheap folders with plastic wallets.

It's Capacity can Display Medals x 16 

Displays Badges x12
Display Certificates A4 x 18 or A5 x 36 or Combination of Sizes. 
A3 Certificate is much bigger.
Front Page to Display Photograph & Write Name of your Champion!
Case Dimensions L34.5cm x W28cm, and expandable.

Such Certificate cases are beneficial for many purposes too, such as saving Badges and Championship medals in a good appearance for memories.

Would have gift your son one of these Certificate Holders to express your love for your son or daughter and you are very proud of him .. Your child will feel more enthusiastic and passionate for martial arts training .. and it will become very fond memories over time.

Zipped & Handle
Airtight and very compact, making it suitable for transporting them in school and trips and presented to the family members and the family owners,

Contents of the Package:
• Front page to write name and display photograph from your martial arts certificate.
• Instruction page on "How to Display your Medals". 
• Four PVC sleeves to display 32 medals. 
• Eighteen Certificate Holders (A4 or A5) to be mounted on. 
• The inside cover of the case has a pocket for additional storage of photographs, newspaper clippings, progress reports etc. 

Good for:
karate and Kenpo Certificates.
Certificates of kung fu martial arts. 
Also suitable for certificates of Boxing and Judo or other athletes certificates.

9 A3 Handbrushed Martial Art Karate Judo Kempo Certificates

After Purchase please send the name, the grade, the school name, the date, the sensei's name
Premium Quality Certificates with simple and Antiques look.
Japanese written Certificate ready to mark them as yours by filling with your name, grade, school name, date, sensei's name of yours.
Handbrushed Print give the certificate higher value and reputable look.
Print to A3 size enhances printing quality on hard paper, soft paper, or solid cartoon.
Still valid as a certificate for Karate Shotokan, Karate Kyukushin, Judo, Kebudo, Kenpo, and other Japanese Martial arts.

Available for these Countries:
  1. Hungary
  2. Republic of Ireland
  3. Italy
  4. Latvia
  5. Lithuania
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Malta
  8. Netherlands
  9. Poland
  10. Portugal
  11. Romania
  12. Slovakia
  13. Slovenia
  14. Spain
  15. Sweden
  16. Switzerland
Check for more.

Merchant can't accept any orders for delivery to the following countries:
North Korea

3 steps how to tie a karate belt by video and Photos

"To tie a karate belt or any Martial arts belt you should follow a simple step by step procedures for beginners ;whatever you play a karate,  Taekwondo, Kung fu or even Judo.  there are many ways to tie the Martial arts belt and make Special Belt Knot."
The most famous is the following methods:
The first way of tie the Karate belts
Firstly make your middle belt on the middle of your body from the front (see Image - 1).
Karate belt knot, tie karate belt, phots to tie belt
how to tie a karate belt diagram
Secondly wrap ends of the belt behind your back and around the waist (see Image 2 - 3 - 4).
Third step is to make little tightening parties every party to the other side (see Image - 5).
Next Four step you have to insert the upper end of the under twists so that it is adjacent to your Karate suit and directed from the top (see image form - 6 - 7).
Finally: Fasten both the upper and lower sides to make good square Knot of your belt (see Image - 8 - 9).
Note to keep approximately 20 cm from each party after the Karate belt knot (see Image - 10).

The second way to make special Knot of your Karate Belt is by following these simple steps:
First step: Hold the you Karate Belt by about one-third of the belt on the middle of your body from the front.
Next step: Wrap ends of your Karate belt behind your back and around the waist twice.
karate tie photo, photo to tie karate belt, how to make belt knot
Then: slightly strain both parties horizontally, every party to the other side.
Next step: Insert the upper end of the under twists so that it is adjacent to your Karate suit and directed from the top.
Finally: Make the the upper and lower sides of your Karate Belt as square tie or bundle to make an awesome Belt Knot.
Watch this karate belt video on Youtube, Father learns his nice Kid how to tie karate belt exaclty for good.
Now Congratulations! You have successfully tied your karate belt with tight Knot.

Why karate dojos have different colors of belts?

"There are many explanations of meanings of Belt colors as some martial arts is differs in the belts order and Dan and belt colors varies in each different karate schools"
Belts colors vary by ranks (Dan) evaluate the performance of the player or the trainee and the evolution of his physical and mental skills
But Did you thought the meaning of of each color? The explanation for the choice of this particular color for Level of player?!!

belts colors, colors of belts, martial arts belt colors, japanese karate belt
Simple Karate Belts colors
Note: in the past there was no colors but white and then put other colors so that there is becomes a competition between players.
The red color belt may be only in championships and matches in order to distinguish between players
of Karate
The meaning for Colors of belts in karate

White Belt..
The color of innocence..This belt color means white Paper Skip fingertips of Sensi
Yellow Belt..
Color of the sun .. This belt color means new Sunrise days
Orange belt ..
Color of the Awakening..This belt color means that fun of awakening discovery of mind control skills.
Belt green ..
Color of growth.. This belt color means that when a player starts skills growth as Flowers blooming.
Blue Belt ..
The color of the sky .. This belt color means the expansion of prospects for trainee.
Brown belt ..
Color of the earth .. This belt color means that when deepening the roots of the trainee in the ground.
Red belt ..
Color of the danger.. Where should the enemy or waist and a friend to be careful.
Black Belt..
Unlike White.. It is a combination of developments common mental, physical and emotional.

List of Colors of belts in karate and variation with the Student Karate Level and Student Rank or Dan:
10th Kyu White
9th Kyu Yellow Belt
8th Mon Kyu Orange With Green Stripe
8th Kyu Orange With White Stripe
7th Mon Kyu Orange With Red Stripe
7th Kyu Orange Belt
6th Mon Kyu Blue With Green Stripe
6th Kyu Blue With White Stripe
5th Mon Kyu Blue With Red Stripe
5th Kyu Blue Belt
4th Mon Kyu Purple With Green Stripe
4th Kyu Purple With White Stripe
3rd Mon Kyu Purple With Red Stripe
3rd Kyu Purple Belt
2nd Mon Kyu Brown With White Stripe
1st Kyu Brown Belt

Then Black belt earned from the  1st Dan Black belt till 10th Dan Black Belt 10th Dan, thus is the Highest Dan in Karate where the student starts out at a low rank of belt (white) and progresses through the ranks (kyu and dan) to make it to the top (black) to instruct students him/her self.

List the Colors of belts in karate from the Lowest Dan to the Highest Dan
Mukyu White
10th Kyu Yellow Belt
9th Kyu Orange Belt
8th Kyu Blue Belt
7th Kyu Purple Belt
6th Kyu Green With White Stripe
5th Kyu Green Belt
4th Kyu Green With Black Stripe
3rd Kyu Brown With White Stripe
2nd Kyu Brown Belt
1st Kyu Brown With Black Stripe

Then Black Belt colors variations from  1st Dan Black Belt that earned when Karate student Rank is 1st Dan Black until the 9th Dan Black Belt which earned when Karate student Rank is  9th Dan of black belt.
Where the highest the student grade the highest the player Rank in martial arts and a great skill

Even within a particular style, there are many variations between schools. However, there is a general trend in most schools and styles to work up from a white belt to a black belt in gradually darkening colors.

Colors of belts in karate generally get darker through each Karate level towards Black Belt. This may be symbolic of the time when a plain white sash (Obi) was used to tie a plain white tunic for practice.
If a student trained often enough, the white Obi would eventually darken. This seems a likely reason for the Karate Black Belt to symbolize the most advanced Karate Level.
Colors system of Karate belts and other Martial arts Belts make the student of Karate school need to do Skill building of every Belt Level  to enter the belt Exam in Karate championships.

Understand the Karate Belt Rank or dan for each Level

What is the Rank or Dan meaning in karate or martial arts and what is the highest Dan in Martial arts?
In 1924 adopted Gichin Funakoshi founder of Shotokan Karateand Dan system of Kano, the founder of Judo Jigoro using rank system with a limited set of karate belt colors. Other Okinawan teachers also adopted this practice. System Kyu / Dan grades for beginners start with Kyu higher numbered (for example, Q-10 Jukyū) and progress towards less Kyu numbered. Evolution Dan lasts from 1 (Shodan, or "the beginning of Dan ') to the higher Dan. Referred Kyu grade karateka as" karate belt colors "or mudansha (" including without Dan / rank "). Referred Dan grade karateka that yudansha (owners Dan / rank). Yudansha usually wear a black belt. requirements vary from rank patterns, organizations, and schools. kyu ranked position of stress, balance, and coordination. added speed and power at the top of the stairs.

Minimum age and time in rank or Dan are the factors that affect supply. Test consists of a demonstration techniques before a panel of examiners. This varies depending on the Martial arts school, but testing may include everything learned at that point, or just new information. The demonstration is an application for a new rank (shinsa) and may include Kata, bunkai, self-defense, routines, and tameshiwari (break), and / or kumite (sparring).

The Karate belt system
System is used belt in karate training and martial arts to celebrate student progress made ​​in their studies. Students begin in low rank of the belt (white in First Dan) and progress through the ranks (Kyu and Dan) to make it to the top (black belt in highest Dan) to guide students to him / her self. They have to pay through the ranks to show their honor. Forward and belts, and must show that they are willing to do a belt examination. Can involve exams belt sets of Kata and fighting other members of the Dojo, or other tests that show the efficiency of the martial art .

Black belt in martial arts is the belt given for the highest Dan in Karate and most of Martial arts.
In martial arts, black belt is a way to describe graduated from the field where it was marked in many cases the level of practitioner by the karate belt colors. Black Belt is the most common karate belt colors used belt up and indicates the degree of efficiency. And is often associated with the degree of education although more often than not the highest grade or "expert" public perception.It is also a relatively recent invention, dating back to the late 19th century, instead of the old habits .

Martial arts red belt, red belt of KarateRed belt  is the most common of the assets of Japanese or Korean Martial arts . Such as Black Belt more commonly known, and its use varies between the Martial arts, with most use of the style's founder, Grand Master or other high rank, while others use it as a black belt rank dan immediately before or even to indicate the novice who does not carry the rank. In some schools, red belt signifies the ninth or tenth degree Dan rank, where the tenth degree is the highest rank  given in Martial arts .

In the art of self-defense Japanese Judo, in 6 degree (Dan) is replaced by a belt belt alternating red and white, and the degree of 9 to be replaced solid red belt.
In most styles Okinawan Karate , and in some schools of Kobudo (Okinawan weapons), is used red beltalternately and white Dan 7 and 8, while the use of seat solid red to rank 9 and 10, which are honorary purely, can any not be achieved by applying for the exam (and deaths) each. Dan 7, allows the practitioner to use the Shihan title, which translates roughly as Grand Master. Some, but relatively few, and karate techniques also use black belt and red alternately for Dan 5 and 6 Dan .

Most martial arts schools rank students with white belt when you are a beginner and a black belt when you reach expert status, with several rows of belt between them. There is no specific Rank (Dan) system for all martial arts, so you may want to talk with your teacher before buying a belt.

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