Mixed Martial arts Children competition and training

Mixed martial arts competition for children
Competition rules mixed martial arts for children vary. Currently, in most U.S. states, and there is no central organization responsible for children competing in mixed martial arts (MMA). In some countries it is even a misdemeanor holding these competitions. Missouri is currently the only state that has had bouts officially recognized for children. to ensure the safety of children in combat mode Missouri, but there is a slight difference in large system.

How to teach children Mixed Martial arts with Safety?
Children competitors generally wear more padding and then adults in an attempt to make the sport less brutal and reduce the chances of injuries. In MMA adults only visible protection is open fingered gloves. Children must wear hats, shin guards, gloves and open hand. In addition, children are not allowed to hit the discount dropped in the head. Differences rule in place to protect children and yet still allow them to participate in the same place with adults.

Children MMA In the Fighting cage:
With the right rules and regulations in place, MMA is just safe for children to practice any martial art other. People need to realize that just what they see in the UFC is not what happens at youth level.
You may get as many people commented on the fact that some youth competitions take place in a cage, but no more cage and then a barrier to contain the work safely.
How is that different from any episode or wrestling mat? Does not differ at all. Cage is more dangerous? Not really.
Of course, no one wants to see two of the seven years of age and their faces even crush it look like Shane Carwin did after his heavyweight bout with Junior dos Santos in July.

However, this is not what happens in MMA young people need to see it for what it is really, and another extra-curricular activity to help young burn off some steam and stay out of trouble.

Training Children in Mixed Martial Arts
Mixed Martial Arts for children is the best things that can be done any parent ever.Why? Because it increases their mentality . It makes them aware of their surroundings and it is very good for their own learning process, especially in the outside world. When you go to school or learn from here, it becomes necessary for them. They pick up a lot faster; they are much faster with native speakers, physically. Mixed Martial Arts is excellent for children because it builds self-confidence in them. Heart and blood vessels of every movement that they do builds heart to become stronger in everything they do in mixed martial arts.

Children competition mixed martial arts in frisco tx and Moncton, NB
Mixed martial arts competition in Moncton, NB, and earned a controversy after it emerged a cage battle between children in the last month.
The event included adult-oriented exhibition mixed martial arts matches, made popular Ultimate Fighting Championship, involving children as young as eight.
"It's not like MMA you see in the movies, or what you see on TV," said John Williams, representative of Canadian mixed martial arts amateur.
Battles are "very safe", he said, because the children have "a lot of equipment."
Williams said rules were approved by the boxing commission Moncton, but psychologist Charles Emmrys agrees to fight, especially since entertainment for adults.
"Violence is exciting, and that is why we have action movies, it pumped us up. Children we should not pump beating each other," he said.

"When we talk about parents encourage kids to hit other children, in addition to that he called to encourage the bully to be a bully."
But Williams says that the sport is as safe as karate or taekwondo. As a precaution, he said there were two doctors and an ambulance on site during the fighting.
He said "there are more people who get hurt and killed in the encouragement of this," he said.
Said Williams, who is also a coach, fights youth are safe and are here to stay. He hoped to one day see the sport in the Olympics.
In the meantime the governing Williams County, Atlantic and national championships . The children and adolescents will be part of all competitions in the future.

Mixed Martial arts Children in you tube videos:
watch this video...
To begin with, that the parents want their children enrolled in martial arts for many reasons, depending on age, and include in the first place, and discipline, and build self-confidence, and self-defense. Most, if not all schools to provide military first two arts . I think the question on this subject on another basis. Apart from that, most every school around here uses weapons forms and / or blows to the eyes and throat, heel kick in the head, and foot stomps in their kata. Whether Goju, Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo, Kung Fu, etc...


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