Here a chosen Lists of my Favorite Costumes of kung fu, Karate, Taekwondo, MMA, and Judo..etc
including best fashions designed for martial arts trainee, players and masters, I think it will be impress any Martial arts Fan, wgich I have included a lot of brands and High Quality, med-quality, or even acceptable cheap quality brands, thus included costume ideas may give you a new martial arts uniform patterns if you a fan of designing the children boys and girls costumes for martial arts from different sizes such as middleweight, large, and small weigh and sizes, also that fits different kids ages such as boys of ages up to 15 Yo, girls, and baby of 1 years old up to 4 ages, female or male

Included clothing Items of MA:
Uniforms (called Gi), Dress, chest, suit, jacket, robe, pajama, pants, outfit, mandarin hat, muscle chest shirt, pants, sash, tee, te-shirts and wig...

Famous MA costumes materials:
Fiber, silk, Satin, cotton, Poly/Cotton, Poly Rayon, sewing cottons...


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