What is Okinawa kenpo karate?

"No Fighting, No Karate." - Master Nakamura, Shigeru
"The Ultimate Goal in Karate is to Defeat Opponents in Real Life or Death Situations." - Master Higa, T
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Okinawa kenpo karate history
from wikipedia:
Kenpō is the name of several Japanese martial arts school. The word kenpō is a Japanese translation of the Chinese word "quán fǎ". This term is often informally transliterated as "kempo", as a result of applying Traditional Hepburn romanization, but failing to use a macron to indicate the long vowel. The generic nature of the term combined with its widespread, cross-cultural adoption in the martial arts community has led to many divergent definitions.

Unlike other forms of martial arts, Kenpo Karate is an unarmed fighting art that was brought to Japan from China 700 years ago. You can defend yourself totally
Okinawa Kenpo Karate is not a sport.Its a martial arts school, It is a way of life. We teach students how to truly defend themselves using both empty hands and weapons with proven techniques that will work in real life against violent armed and unarmed assailants.
That is why Master Higa was honorably summoned by Major General Jones of the United States Marines, to evaluate and refine their hand to hand and combat techniques. and this achieves the dharma ryu dojo goals.

Sensei Higa's Okinawa Kenpo Karate School is located in Uniondale - the heart of Nassau County, Long Island - NY. The Dojo is just minutes away from Hicksville, Westbury, Levittown, Wantagh and Uniondale. It is located on Front St., just off of Hempstead Turnpike, near Nassau Coliseum. Easily accessible from the Meadowbrook parkway.

Sensei Teruyuki Higa was trained in the art of Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Do directly by the system's founder, Shigeru Nakamura. Master Nakamura was known throughout Japan as one of Okinawa's all time greatest Karate-ka. Young Teruyuki Higa, a native Okinawan, started his training under Master Nakamura as a young boy. He trained diligently under Nakamura-Sensei for years to eventually become one of his senior and most respected students. While in Okinawa, Master Higa, was the youngest to be certified to teach Karate-Do. There, he opened a successful dojo and trained my government officials. He later relocated to the United States of America, where he opened his first US Dojo on Long Island, NY.

Master Higa still teaches traditional Okinawa Kenpo Karate-Do in its pure form, as taught to him my Master Nakamura. He still trains his students in many of the techniques forgotten or omitted from other martial arts school's watered down curriculum. online videos show you kata shihonuke nakamura on youtube, see the very interesting video before that line.


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