Taekwondo for Children (benefits, training, classes)

What is taekwondo?
Taekwondo, or tae kwon do, literally translated as "the art of kicking and punching," taekwondo can teach children more than just how to defend themselves, is a Korean martial art that features kicks to the head and strikes with the hand, knee and elbow. taekwondo evolved into its current incarnation in 1955, then the art had brought to the Americas. In Korea taekwondo is an integral part of many children's education. It seems that Korean children have been learning taekwondo in it's current and previous form for many hundreds of years.
The Benefits of Taekwondo for Children
Your child will get more benefits by training taekwondo, Kids will feel more confident standing up in front of a group of people and acting under pressure, taekwondo class is physically demanding Fitness, beginning with an intense warmup and progressing through exercises designed to give them an aerobic workout while strengthening their muscles, the child can release his aggression through sparring, while at the same time giving him a productive outlet for his energy, This self discipline often manifests itself through better control over emotions and even in better grades in school. Your child will learn to focus better and work toward achieving goals.

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport
Therefore students will often be encouraged to spar according to Olympic rules (in a controlled environment and with protective gear).
Different terminology (i.e. Uniform = Dobok, School = Dojang, etc.)
There are different styles/schools within Taekwondo (such as WTF and ITF).
Not a "soft" martial arts style such as Tai Chi.
Not a "grappling" martial arts style such as Judo.
Will teach your child basic self-defense.
Where Consistently help students maintain proper posture and form standards as set by your chosen organization. For example, remind students often to keep their shoulders and back straight when extending their arms if you see them twist. It is easier to teach proper technique the first time than to correct a sloppily learned technique.

How much will cost Taekwondo classes for children?
I have been told it will cost £35 a month (includes uniform though) for a 45 min weekly session. There will also be an additional £25 (every 2/3 months for grading) I was wondering whether this was a fair price as I have never had any martial arts training and so have no idea what to expect.

Is Taekwondo good for Girls kids training?
The instructor sounded like a very disturbed individual, to arbitrarily torture and bring a little boy to tears .
Watch You Tube Videos about taejwondo for children benifits and training techniques (Pomeza).


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