7 Greatest Karate Okinawa masters

"Seven masters from Okinawa karate and Kobudo school are the greatest masters of Karate Schools around the world, even one of them are 87 year old man and he is a Grand master in karate"
Great Karate Master Choshin Chibana; founder of Shorin-ryu
He was the founder Shorin-Rio Chibana another pillow fight Karate martial arts before the world, also called "warrior of last Shorey" was the first to put the name of Rio Japanese style which is a part of Karate martial arts from Okinawa prefecture, calling in Itosu; Great Karate Master Choshin Chibana Karate martial arts "Rio Shorin-" (or "pattern of small forest") in 1928.

masers of Okinawa, Okinawa Karate Masters, Funakoshi, Funakoshi GichinShōrin-Rio is one of the major modern martial arts of Okinawa are one of the oldest methods of karate. Founded by Chibana Choshin in 1933 . "Shōrin" is the pronunciation of the Okinawan language of Shaolin as in the Shaolin Temple in China. "Rio" means "Style". Shōrin-Rio combines elements of traditional fighting styles from Okinawa Shuri-te.

Gichin Funakoshi ( Funakoshi Gichin, November 10, 1868 – April 26, 1957)
Was the founder of Shotokan Karate, and perhaps most known and widely style karate, and is attributed as "the father of modern karate" [1] following - Gichin Funakoshi (26 April 1957 Gichin Funakoshi, 10 November 1868). Teachings of Itosu ANKO, was one of the masters of Okinawan Karate martial arts Karate martial arts submitted to the Japanese mainland in 1922. He studied Karate martial arts at various Japanese universities and became honorary president of the Japan Karate martial arts Association inception in Choki 1949.

Choki Motobu : the greatest Karate martial arts fighter
He was born Motobu Choki Master April 5, 1870, in the Ryukyu aristocratic family. The third son of Motobu ivory Choshin and Maushi his wife, and was called Choki Master Masanraa as a child: "what" is being polite and prefix "sanraa" meaning "third son. Choki Master sought instructions from all the great martial artists of his time and indulges in a direct search in karate. At the time it was difficult to get a major training and one of the, it was Choki assets Masteras the son of a family of rank udun which allowed him to do so.

Okinawa Karate Master Chotoku Kyan :
Kyan survived the Battle of Okinawa in 1945, but died of fatigue and malnutrition in September of that year.
The (also spelled Chotoku Kiyan) and Okinawan Karate martial arts master who became famous all of his Karate martial artsskills and his colorful personal life - Chotoku Kyan (died September 20, 1945 in Ishikawa, Okinawa Kyan Chōtoku, born in December 1870 in Shuri, Okinawa). He had a great influence on Karate martial artstechniques that would become Shorin Rio, and associated patterns.

Great Karate Master Anko Itosu
In October 1908, Itosu wrote a letter "teachings ten (Tode Jukun) of Karate," to draw the attention of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of War in Japan.

Great Karate Master Kosaku Matsumora
Studied Tomari-TE under Uku Karyu (aka Giko Uku) and Teruya Qichen . He also studied Jigen-Rio. Between students Matsumora, and who went to influence new generations through their own students, and was Choki Motobu and Kyan Chotoku .
And attributed Matsumora and Sayed, who was studying in Chotoku Kyan Chinto kata (his own version, and should not be confused with between Sokon version Matsumura kata for him). Another student attributed Matsumora, Maeda Pechin, and is teaching in Kyan Wanshu kata.

Great Karate Master Sokon Matsumura:
Matsumura was Sōkon one of the original and Great karate Okinawa masters
Given Matsumura title "Bushi" meaning "warrior" by the king of Okinawa in recognition of his abilities and accomplishments in the martial arts .
Kata contains hakutsuru items Fujian White Crane system taught within the Shaolin system that was created from before Fang Qiniang after the destruction of a gang who killed her father Fang Zhonggong (Fang Xu). Lin was Shixian a master's degree in eighteen crane black fist boxing monk. He was one of a master's degree Fang Zhonggong. Fang helped train Quinang to defeat the gang who killed her father. Pang Kuan Yuiba (1828-1912). (Master of Shaolin White Crane became the temple and place of black crane in 1837 and the pattern of official crane Temple, the first student from Fang Qīniáng.

Great Karate Okinawa masters are the Oldest and best Martial arts Masters from Karate Dojos around the world, world Okinawa karate is the best.


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