How to further study karate training in Okinawa?

"To further study karate training in Okinawa and for whom interested in traveling to Okinawa to see the more traditional teaching methods and Original Martial arts training of adults and Kids by Okinawa Masters"

study Karate in Okinawa, Okinawa Karate Schools They will have different procedures and rules before going to Okinawa and training. You may need letter of introduction, and so it may be just a drop totally free for in Dogus there ... It will depend on your organization, this is for several groups of Okinawan Goju (IOGKF, Meibukan, etc)
But for whom not in one of the largest groups, may make it more difficult. I was in a similar situation when you want to come to the way Japan again when ...
But this is a long story ...

The world is an open place. But if you belong to a group, you must follow the rules ... It makes it a lot easier for everyone (including you) ... Even if it does not mean you have to jump through a few hoops.
Being in Japan, and I have seen many people come here and do not realize how keen creates a lot of problems for teachers and associations, and more. And then they do not understand why they can not perform the test, or to participate in other, happened with the rest of the class (several times still issues to be dealt with ...).
Therefore, to the extent possible, follow your actions groups.

I think that there is a Shorin Ryu school in Dallas TX with a website that looks like that would know how to put you in touch with
Shimabuku in Okinawa, in case you can not find it. I remember reading a blog in the past 5 years for someone he had trained Karate only in Okinawa with Shimabuku and they noted how quickly despite being in his 80s

Note that Isshin-Ryu Karate is a pattern of Okinawan karate founded by Shimabuku Tatsuo named in January 15, 1956. Isshin-Ryu karate largely installed Karate Shorin Rio,, Goju Rio, karate, and kobudō . Name means, literally, "the way one heart." As of 1989 there are 336 branches Isshin-Ryu in all over the world, mostly concentrated in the United States .
Karate Okinawa Schools through Web sites: like traditional Okinawan karate kobudo international study center, there are now more than 150 countries and 50, 000, 000 of the participants "karate" Okinawa is the hometown of "Karate" and is considered "the holy place of karate," and members of karate from all over the world have respect for Okinawa because of this. In Okinawa traditional Karate Center for International Studies Kobudo, MA Kenyu Chinen, Kyoshi 9 Dan Black Belt Karate School Shorin Master Yaghi Meitatsu, Souke 10 Dan Black Belt Karate School Goju, Master Uechi Satoshi, Renshi 6 Dan Black Belt not Uechi Karate School presentation. The presentation focused on three main points, and an institution for traditional Okinawa Karate Kobudo study center, and the difference between the "Karate" and competitive traditional karate and students abroad. These three are now masters concerned and discuss the current situation and the future of the Okinawa Karate.

Some good examples of International karate masters:
Sensei Carol Womack
7th Dan Isshinryu Karate
5th Dan RyuKyu Kobudo
2nd Dan A.C.E. Eskrima
Sensei Carol Womack receives the Award for female Instructor of the Year 2006 from Isshinryu Hall of Fame, Email Sensei Womack

Sensei Jeff Perkins
7th Degree Black Belt Okinawa Isshinryu Karate
5th Degree Black Belt Okinawa Shorinjiryu
5th Degree Black Belt RyuKyu Kobudo
Jeff Perkins began histraining Karate martial arts in 1972 withthe science of self-defense Isshinryu Karateclass of owner,
Brother-in-law, EdwardBabicz. Of thiscategory go to
Formal training in Isshinryu karate black belt
Michigan owned Institute in Lancaster, bycoach Norbert Donnelly. Formerly owned bythe Michigan School
Isshin ryu pioneer, Coach Doug Noxon .Jeff wassuccessful Competitor in the tournament, Michigan and the surrounding area, Winning many accolades Kumite Jiyu (free sparring), Bogu Kumite (full contact sparring with body armor), Kata and Kobudo .

Choosing to study Okinawan karate is best thing ever, also there are International schools of Martial Arts around the world Karate Schools found in longview in TX, huntington in NY if you are American citizen.


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