Okinawa Uechi ryu karate Katats, Dojos, and Black belt requirments

Uechi-ryu (Uechi-rya) is a normal type of Okinawan karate. The founder of Uechi Rya was Kanbun Uechi (1877 - 1948), an Okinawan who went to Fuzhou in Fujian Province, China to examine martial arts when he was 20 many a long time earlier.Uechi-rya  indicates "Style of Uechi" or "College of Uechi".
The current list of empty-hand kata is:
  1. Sanchin
  2. Kanshiwa
  3. Kanshu
  4. Seichin
  5. Seisan
  6. Seirui
  7. Kanchin
  8. Sanseirui (also known as Sandairui)

Like a good deal of arts, Uechi Ryu seasoned organizational splits pursuing its founder's decrease of lifestyle. Some of the senior practitioners of the very first artwork crack up from the main company and produced other companies or styles, this kind of as Shohei-ryu and recreated variants of Pangai-midday. The rift arrived about by way of some lecturers in lookup of to train a assorted type of Uechi (from marginally numerous kata to far more current conditioning drills), and some wanting to prepare the "classical" variety as created by Kanbun. The versions among the four remaining crucial teams are unnoticeable to the comfortable observer, and some in Okinawa take into account that a substantial part of the crack up was since of to persona conflicts.

Many Organizations support and teaching Uechi Karate styles as:
  1. Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association (Soke Shubukan)headed by Kanmei UECHI
  2. Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association (Okikukai Uechi Ryu)— headed by Shintoku TAKARA
  3. The Okinawa Karate Do Association (Okikukai Shohei-ryu)—headed by senior students of Kanei UECHI in rotation
  4. Okinawa KarateDo Uechi-Ryu Zankyokai (Zakimi Shubukan)—headed by Naomi TOYAMA
  5. International Kenyukai Association (Kenyukai)—headed by Kiyohide SHINJO: Started as a fraternity within the Uechi Ryu Association in 1981 
  6. International Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Federation—headed by George MATTSON
  7. International Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association (Kokusai Kyokai)—headed by James THOMPSON
  8. Ryukokaku Karate and Kobudo Association—headed by Shinyu GUSHI
  9. Fukken Koryu Bujutsu Kan—headed by Mark J BRELSFORD
  10. Ji Teki Jeku—headed by Master Ken NAKAMATSU
  11. World Association of Uechi Ryu Karate-Do—headed by Yoshi ARAKAKI
  12. Uechi-Ryu Butokukai—headed by Buzz DURKIN
  13. Uechi-Ryu Karate Association Hong Kong—headed by Robert CAMPBELL presents as many as videos and amazing illustrations you want t follow in addition to some valuable tips about healthy life style and great advices on how to succefull with Karate Dojo.

It does not "always" lose in vs. muay thai, but some karate is not meant for sport. I'm really fatigued of this "properly this design would kick this designs ass" debates people have. Not everyone trains for ring fights, and not each martial art is meant to be utilized as activity. For case in point, Pangi Noon (i think that is how you spell it) utilizes a Good deal of open up hand and grabbing techniques. If you set boxing gloves on them, they wouldn't do so well from a boxer would they? It's all relative.

The Black Belt in Uech Ryu Karate requires: SHODAN (BLACK BELT I)
Seisan Bunkai
Student Creed (all)
Dan Kumite (Speed&Power)
Kick Exercise (Speed&Power)
25 Push-ups
Stretching excercises
Technique excercises
Arm rubbing & pounding
Free Sparring/Fighting
Self Defense: Controll #2, Controll #3, and Kota Gaeshi
First Aid -- 1 & 2
CPR Training-Adults
Community Service
Oral Exam

Help to be helpful, if you need extended research I will do it for you.


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