What is the highest dan or rank in karate?

After contesting the player in Championship in Karate belt gets a new color are presented to him as an expression of progress to a higher degree of training.
highest karate Dan belt colorsTrainee connects belt around the waist and around the body in all the games and exercises

Belts Karate is divided as mentioned before spectrum into two sections:
1 - belt for beginners to intermediate., A nine degrees begins chiefly
The ninth and ends with the former, and the first six degrees wearing
White Belt player in the last three wearing a brown belt player.
2 - Belt for applicants., A ten degrees and starts chiefly and ends
This means that this system opposite to the first belt system, and wore a player in the eight
Grades first-degree black belt in the ninth and tenth
Player wears red belt, the highest types of belts and a number holding it in a very small world does not exceed the fingers of one hand, to the player moves from the degree to a higher degree should pass through harsh tests include all training game :

Trainee gets mattresses following after passing the Karate exams allocated and are usually obtained in the order:according to general karate schools order :
* Entry Level - white belt
* Yellow belt
* Orange belt
* Green belt
* Blue belt
* Brown belt (3 belts)
* Dan 1 - first degree black belt
* Dan 2 - a second-degree black belt
* Dan 3 - third-degree black belt
* Dan 4 - fourth degree black belt
* Dan 5 - a fifth degree black belt
* Dan 6 - a sixth degree black belt
* Dan 7 - a seventh degree black belt
* Dan 8 - an eighth degree black belt
* Dan 9 - a ninth degree black belt
* Dan 10 - a tenth degree black belt

Is one of the rare number who hold belts black advanced, because the number of trainees at least when they arrive degrees belts developed and that the conditions of life, health, or other factors, in the case of the arrival of a trainee to black belt from Class VI (Dan 6) has the option to wear the red belt and white During exercises to signify that he reached an advanced stage in training, so that this red belt considered the highest Dan in karate belts colors.


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