Jet Li, Shidô Nakamura show what is the difference between karate and kung fu?

Differences Between Kung Fu and Karate
Are confused a lot of people on the terms of "Karate" and "Kung Fu", treated as synonyms or simply a lack of understanding of the difference between these systems. The term does not refer in fact to one military art, both in terms of are the words of a blanket for a wide variety of distinctive styles. Karate tradition to return to Japan's Okinawa Prefecture, while kung fu is Chinese systems.

Both kung fu and karate techniques are usually taught through drills a solo practitioner punches, kicks and uses the pitch and in accordance with the principles of this style. However, the exercises, or "kata" Karate Okinawa look very different from those of kung fu. Kung Fu solo groups are often too long and tend to be based on continuous flow and movement which leads directly one method to another without stopping. Karate Kata and often shorter, and there are distinct pauses between techniques that can give karate performance rigid appearance compared with kung fu.
kung fu vs karate

Hard Versus Soft
Some people think of the difference between karate and kung fu in terms of softness against hardness. Kung Fu techniques tend to use a circular motion patterns and emphasis on grace and elegance of the practitioner, while karate techniques tend to move in straight lines and solid strength, and the emphasis on attack power. However, it is doubtful whether they should really be kung fu styles seen as any softer of styes karate. For one thing, there are many styles of Kung Fu that it is difficult to generalize. In addition, the ultimate goal of all means of fighting is to achieve victory over the opponent, so discrimination on the basis of technical appearance of limited importance.

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