What is a deadley karate blow video or book?

Deadly Karate Blows – The Medical Implications’ by Brian Adams is a book that, as the title suggests, looks at the medical implications of a successfully landed Karate technique.

If you are looking for a book that teaches you how to deliver karate techniques, then this book is not for you. However, if you are interested in learning a little more about the potential outcomes of your karate techniques then this should be right up your alley.

Therefore, you’ll see that this is a book not intended for the beginner student, but an advanced student who wants to get a deeper understanding of what will happen if you hit someone really really hard.
Brian Adams takes far too optimistic a stance on the medical aspect of martial arts.
Deadly Karate Blows assumes a knowledgeable role, describing the horrific results of a well-placed strike; however, with the way Adams set it out, it would appear that this is what happens EVERY time a blow is landed in real combat. He fails to explicate how it is that blows landed in this manner during sparring sessions do not involve these violent conditions, yet in street fighting, all of a sudden one's victim is prone to all manner of post-trauma malady. While Adams had done his research, and cites an impressive array of sources, he does not seem to grasp that many of these effects require a great amount of strength, and very specific conditions to reach. These "medical implications" may be plausible in isolated situations, but it is not feasible to suggest that it is the probability.

The book looks at the following:

  1. Striking the forehead
  2. Striking the ears
  3. Striking the temple
  4. Striking the eye
  5. Striking the bridge of the nose
  6. Striking the spot under the nose
  7. Striking the jaw
  8. Striking the throat
  9. Striking the back of the neck
  10. Striking the collar bone
  11. Striking the solar plexus
  12. Striking the side of the ribcage
  13. Striking the diaphragm
  14. Striking the spleen
  15. Striking the kidney
  16. Striking the elbow
  17. Striking the bladder
  18. Striking the groin
  19. Striking the spine
  20. Striking the thigh
  21. Striking the back of the knee
  22. Striking the front knee joint
  23. Striking the shin bone
  24. Striking the Achilles tendon
  25. Shock

Any serious and experienced Martial Artist will recognize the seriousness of this book, and rather than strive to use the techniques explained, they will like myself, be more aware and strive towards not using the techniques. As the title quite rightly states, this book describes in detail how it is possible to kill someone and therefore informs the reader, what NOT to do.
The majority of all techniques shown within this book will need an experienced understanding of a Martial Art in order to perform them (so if you want to read this book and you are not a Martial Artist, then there is not much point in reading it).
This book opened my eyes and taught me a lot, especially the medical implications which i think is very important to know and understand what the consequences of such deadly blows can cause. If you haven't read this book, i would recommend it.
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The Fact is you could Learn Karate or Martial arts from Videos or books, but you still have to learn the right movements from real Masters, Real Experience, what is right and what is false moves, so you cannot profession MA from books or videos alone. You should have a Karate teacher.


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