1 hour karate lessons for beginners at home by video

I have watched a great collection of Karate lesson from tracy's karate n.ridgeville, ohio
I would like to share those videos with all of my lovely readers
you will attend to learn how to do the Karae Kicks and identify the right ways and proper methods to do the karate Kicks, and Punches and another video show you how to apply these learned lessons and techniques using a sand bag or by an opponent to best recognize How and when to do every Move and stance in attack or defend modes
let us watch, and if video like you and benefits you I suggest on you to bookmark this blog for further lessons and recommendation online.

First lesson: show you the basic stances and the essential Punches and Kicks I have mentioned abut in another Post you can revise it again:
The Striking Techniques in shotokan (in Japanese: Uchi-waza)
Shotokan Karate Kicking Techniques (called Geri-waza in Japanese)
Blocking Techniques using arms in Shotoakan, blocking techniques or so called Uke-waza in Japanese.

karate lesson for beginners with jackie chan

Second Lesson: show you How to perform Punch, Kick, and Block using the Karate Kicks the proper way it should be done with many block methods using arms and hands on head and above the fold, in addition to using hand as sword-like

Third Lesson: using stances to stretching your body to best play the Karate Katas

Fourth Lesson:How to Use a sand bag to apply Kicks and punches, show you how to tweest to apply some Kicks and how to make a balance between legs and heels during practicing the Kick

Fivth Lesson: understand the punches, kicks, attack defend, Block techniques by simply apply it on an enemy-like, you can do training with your friend and you play as a puncher and your friend play the opponent role and vice versa

Sixth Lesson:Do some Kata shows

Seventh lesson: recognize the right method to perform the Karate Kicks properly

Hope it will be helpful
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