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What is Kung fu? What is Karate ? 
Then ask, What is the difference between Karate and Kung fu?
Historically, I got exposed people living in the islands of Okinawa in southern Japan for martial arts Chinese because of the close proximity to China. With the passage of time, and put Okinawa Japanese and their own styles now known as karate from the original influence of Chinese methods. Although both use similar techniques many, most kung fu and usually have a variety of styles from more techniques compared to karate systems. It's almost like the Japanese streamlined a number of techniques from Chinese systems to develop karate. Japanese also modify the way in which the implementation of techniques in karate because it has become more linear. This is particularly evident in the forms or kata (traditional sequence of moves set) where karate techniques are performed with movements that have distinct position is fragile and go suggestions.

Kung Fu is a general term for many types of martial arts of China, each of which is a clear system in itself. For example, Eagle Claw is a completely different style of fighting Tai Chi Chuan, but both of them kung fu systems because they both Chinese. It is said that many styles of Kung Fu originated in the Shaolin Temple, a famous Buddhist monastery of warrior monks. Different styles of kung fu fighting styles often markedly different strategies. Simply Kung fu isn't a style of fighting, in Chinese it just means what you're good at. 

Karate is a martial arts origin in the Ryukyu Islands, which is the largest of Okinawa. There are several systems of karate Okinawa, including the Rio Shorin-, Goju Ryu, Shito Rio and others. Okinawa is a region in Japan, and was for several centuries, but the cruelty they have their own culture which is different from the rest of Japan. China was recently a significant impact on the culture of Okinawa, and was originally known from martial arts and Okinawa "te Carrie," a phrase meaning "China hand", or in other words, "Chinese boxing." Later this phrase was changed to "te Kara" or "empty hand". Although they developed fighting traditions of Okinawa were clear of Chinese origin, in a different direction with the passage of time, and modern karate has a completely different look and feel of Chinese Kung Fu.

When two Masters of Karate vs Kung Fu who would win in a fight?, to better answer another questions is on the way:
karate vs kung fu - which is better?
Although i have heard the argument, that no style is greater and it depends on the fighter, i stiil do not buy into that argument totally.

An experienced kung fu fighter vs a experienced karate fighter?
John Smith took I am assuming that you want to say, "in fact, 1, ten years of the greatest kung fu master of kung fu in the world. Actually 2, John Smith took ten years of karate is one of the greatest in the world. Meet in fact (3) and combat (GSPC). trained for 13 thousand hours, and the result is ... "
Then I would say what style of kung fu? You realize that there are certain styles of kung fu that would dominate the karate there are certain styles that dominated karate. Methods that will be lost to karate is not bad, it just means they were not designed to fight karate, instead buy it something else.

Do a Kung fu Fighter Beat Karate Master? watch Kung fu Vs Karate on YouTube online.

Note that:
Karate and Judo are from Japan, Kung Fu is from China, and Tae Kwon Do is Korean. Judo deals mainly with throws and keeping your opponent off-balance, TKD is mainly kicking, and Kung Fu actually has different styles such as wushu, very large movements and what Jet Lee specializes in and Wing Chung, close up, arm and wrist wrapping/locking and is the style Bruce Lee studied before developing Jeet Kune Do, That is why Kung fu Vs Karate will won.

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