15 full white and black karate shin guards for children reviews

From sparring gears the Shin guards and shin-instep guards are protective equipments used in martial arts tournaments and sparring matches to help protect your shins from low kicks as in kickboxing, taekwondo sparring match and mixed martial arts tournaments.
I.e. used to protect the rod foot strikes the bottom of the foot or the fall or wrestling moves aimed at paralyzing the opponent or break his leg stubble such as professional wrestling and mixed martial arts

A lot of types and designs of shin gears cover many areas of shin-bones:
Black shin guards used to protect the lower leg bone from the ankle to the first pre-knee, it is a clothing or fiber cloth is wrapped around the leg of both.
available over there with many sizes to fit all ages of martial arts prationers
Child Med     9"
Child Large     10"
Small     11"
Medium     12"
Large     13.5"
X-Large     15"

Macho Dyna Shin Guards: Consists of two pieces, each a half-cylindrical cover Introduction leg or a half-cylindrical to cover the forearm from one direction as opposed to the other, which is wrapped around the leg of a fully two-way
consists of two pieces for knee-to-ankle or wrist-to-elbow coverage, or you can use both to cover one arm or one shin.
Length should be measured from the top of the ankle to the bottom of the knee
Size     Length
white and black karate shin guards for children reviews
Child     10"
Small     11"
Medium     12"
Large     13.5"
X-Large     15"

Century Creed MMA Shin Instep Guards
Consists of a pair of pants to protect the foot from the first toe and even before the pelvic area. Used mainly in mixed martial arts matches. Made of leather, foam, make it fully retractable carrying confrontations in fighting violent games and lasts for a long time. No you will not need to buy another one after each game.
Century sparring gears always tested and approved by martial arts instructors and schools over world.

Ringstar Shin Instep and Toe Pads
Premium SuperShin(tm) Guards this group is characterized by lightness and ease of use as it offers an excellent level of protection for the toe and the outskirts of the foot and shin bones, consists of  High density foam spines give them additional structure while still maintaining the ability to adsorb impact.
These pads are covered in vinyl and have 2 elastic and velcro wrap around straps to secure them over your shins, an elastic strap under the under the instep and toe to keep the everything secured!

Adidas WTF TaeKwonDo Shin and Instep Protector
Special group to protect the leg consists of 5 layers of flexible bear strong shocks during fights. Thick layers to protect the ankle to increase the protection of the player martial arts

Full list of shin gears and foot protectors for Karate, taekowndo, and MMA:
    Black Cloth Shin Guards
    Foam Shin Guards
    Cloth Shin Guard
    Ringstar Shin Instep and Toe Pads
    $29.95 $19.95
    Vinyl Shin Guards
    Century Creed MMA Shin Instep Guards
    Century Creed Traditional Shin Instep Guards
    Leather Shin-Instep Protectors
    Macho Warrior Shin Guards
    Macho Dyna Shin Guards
    Vinyl Shin Instep Guards

It was a list for most recent protection gears for foot, ankle, shin, toe, and full leg pants.
No links referred by any merchant, just decide whatever you need and go to amazon or wallmart and buy them.

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Macho Martial Arts - Dyna 5 Pc. Sparring Gear Set


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