Lightning Blue Karate Sparring Gear Package Deal - Child Medium and small

Full Lightning Karate Equipment Deal, Head, Punches and Kicks, and I will explain to you the exact properties and advantages that will inspire you and your kid will love it, and if the Size is your problem; I have TWO solutions!
  • For a Kid three/4 shoe.
  • 1/2" thick vinyl protected foam gives safety for sparring over the entire foot and ankle.
  • Karate Sparring Gear quality: made from Foam material called velcros, the velcro’s are all good quality and keep the gear in place.
  • Worth the money; any Dojo may be sell sparring gear equipment for $90 or even $100, so it will save you the half of the Dojo’s Price, that’s what you needs.

Sparring Gear set problem of size for Kids younger than 6 years old:

  1. Wait until your Kid grow: This Sparring Gear is ideal first sparring set for 6, 9, 10, 12, 13 years old children, either boys or girls, but for younger kids may the kicks shoes be a little big but the headgear will fits well, until the child grow in this gear set.
  2. By bundling some types: Do not be afraid of Sizes because sparring gear set contains 3 different "types" of gear: are head, hand and feet If you buy each piece individually, you can adjust the sizes better and get the exact size for each of the gear types and trust me that by bundling some types will not end up being the wrong size. Absolutely, all the sizes will fit well.
Do not hesitate, it is a big fortune to save half the price for your son/daughter's sparring gear and let he/she enjoy the Karate Dojo's classes. Make them Happy Now.


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