What does Karate means?

Karate is a martial art developed in the Ryukyu Islands in Okinawa what is now, and Japan. It was developed in part from the martial arts of the indigenous people called the Ryukyu Islands T ( literally "hand"; Tii in Okinawan) and Chinese Kenpo, Karate is the art of hitting with punching and kicking and blows knee elbow strikes. And open hand techniques such as hands, knife, spear practical training, and palm heel strikes. In some methods, and grappling, and also taught throws, joint locks, and restrictions, strikes a vital point. The practitioner is called karateka.
Karate in China, Okinawan Karate, Japanese Karate
History Of Karate:
Karate was developed in the Ryukyu Kingdom was systematically studied in Japan after the Taisho era, and then to the Japanese mainland in the early 20th century during the period of cultural exchange between Japan and Ryukyuans. In 1922 called on the Ministry of Education and Japanese Gichin Funakoshi to Tokyo to give a karate. In 1924 Keio University established the first university in Japan Karate Club and by the year 1932, major Japanese universities karate clubs.

In this era of escalating Japanese militarism, the name was changed from "Chinese hand " (or "Tang hand" craft, such as the name of the Tang Dynasty was a synonym for China in Okinawa) to ("hand empty") - Both announced karate - to indicate that the Japanese wish to develop the form of combat in the Japanese style. and after World War II, Okinawa became an important United States military and karate became popular among the soldiers stationed there.


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