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When returning your son of class of karate or taekwondo or any what was art that you learn your child, the first thing is made by the child is to take off the uniform of martial arts that he would practice with it along with the belt strapped around his waist, here begins the problem: Either the child will throw his karategi or suit of martial arts the ground or attached to a dirty clothes in the cupboard and in both cases there will be a big problem. Hence they made holders for jackets or shirts of exercise.

To be endurable it made up well from real wood, the material will give you a holder with solid MDF construction and ease of hanging on any wall in your son/daughter's room. It can holds up to 8 martial arts belts from different sizes suits different martial arts associations. Hence it can be a suitable belt holder for both adults and kids,
KidKraft Martial Arts Belt Holder is the best for adults as well as kids of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and up to 15 years old, but beware it is not for children under 3 yrs.

The build quality is actually very good. It is a plywood but it is sanded, stained and sealed well. It is very sturdy yet light and holds kid's elts strongly.

Not limited to a specific type of belts, any Martial Arts Belt whatever Karate, Tai Kwan Do and other martial art form belts. KidKraft belt holder is the perfect way to display your belts collection. It is a nice way to display martial arts belts.

The benefit of usage of kidskraft belt holder as wall storage unit keeps belts clean and fresh for the next martial arts class. Fore more nice display you can hang tournament and league certificates awarded to your kid "boy/girl" to motivates son/daughter to do better and encourage them practice well and remember them "we can do it!".

Problems solved:
Problem of insufficient rooms for additional belts:
ATA / American Taekwondo Association is the most popular martial arts association in the world, as well as other martial arts associations award 10 belts while the kidskraft belt holder only have 8 places on the rack. It is nor more be a doubt, kidskraft belt holder is solely cheap, so it is easy to buy two or do a little edit to hang another two belts by simple organization of belt on the rows and the remnant belts on the sides.So that the problem solved.
kidskraft holder for ma belts for kids

Simple methods to type your son/daughter's name on it:
Kidskraft belt holder don't offer a personalized option; however once you receive your order you can contact the manufacture which then can personalized your Martial Arts Belt holder for a fee. You may wish to verify the price with KidKraft before placing your order. For free typing options you can put the name on it yourself with permanent marker or letter stickers. Or purchase wooden letters for his/her name to glue on the rack.

How to hold belts on kidskraft belt holder the right way?
When son/daughter become adult kidskraft holder will be also beneficial to holds the belts great. It has tight strong elastic to hold the belts and works fine. It actually holds adult belts better. By taking simple procedures, firstly you have to fold them over and then place them in those black bands that you see on each end. All of belts have four stripes on them from the intermediate stages of each color, so the black band gets in the way of the stripes, this will make stripes facing forward, and the adult belts are large enough to fold twice. However, the kid belts are smaller and they are too long only folded once (i.e. go over the sides of the wood) and too short when folded twice (i.e. don't make it all the way to those black bands). We rigged up a way to fold them one and a half times, but then one side is bunched up more than the other. Interestingly enough it's a better design for an adult belt (karate belts at least) than for a kid belt.


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