Philadelphia kids karate classes, 10 top rated

Karate classes for kids in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania

A lot of kids clubs and clubs of self defense or fitness provide Kids Programs and classes for kids for training Karate or other Martial arts in Philadelphia or near of Pennsylvania , either Karate Shotokan or Kenpo Karate or any other Karate martial arts, just choose the club or school that allocated near your home, and please choose the best Karae programs for kids that suited to your kid age and body ability.

List of top 12 Karate classes for kids in Philadelphia

Premier Martial Arts
Located at 13440 Damar Dr‏, Philadelphia‏
Telephone: +1 215-677-5425

Philly Karate and Martial arts club
Located at 707 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Telephone: +1 215-928-1374 ‏ •

Daddis Mixed Martial Arts Academy
Located at 1719 Washington Ave, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Contact Telephone: +1 215-467-1008 ‏ •
"Offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Judo, MMA, and Kid's Karate . Includes FAQ, news, photos, links and contacts ." -

Amerikick Karate South Philadelphia
Address: 1617 Snyder Ave, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Telephone: +1 215-462-2467 ‏ •
"I went back to an amerikick studio to see how it changed from 15 years ago. ..." -

Action Karate classes
Full Address: 12320 Academy Rd, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Telephone: +1 215-637-6701 ‏
"Review by Luke Weber: When I first joined karate I was 7 years old. ..." -

Diamond's Mixed Martial Arts
Address: 200 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Telephone: +1 267-592-9477 ‏
"At ACMMA there are many different styles of classes you can take. ..." -

Martial Arts Lifestyle Center
Allocated at this address: 1532 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Telephone: +1 215-551-6252 ‏ 
"It's "Core Life Skills" training for kids and adults! Sensei John and his staff are outstanding. If you're looking for a great martial arts school where ..."

Tang Soo Do Karate Academy
Allocated at this address: 7516 Haverford Ave, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Telephone: +1 215-473-7900

Mr. A's Martial Arts
Allocated at this address: 31 South Eagle Rd., Havertown, PA, USA
Telephone: +1 610-789-7271

Medina Kenpo Karate.
Address is: 151 S State Rd, Springfield, PA, USA

Springfield Shopping Center
Telephone: +1 610-543-0544
"Delaware County Karate for Kids!!! No Contracts, No Initiation Fees, No Pushy Salespeople. Kids Classes taught by W. David Medina PhD, Best Selling Author,”

Amerikick Karate Andorra
Location of club is: 8500 Henry Ave, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Telephone: +1 215-483-1800

Any Address to any club of previous is included, Blog Donot have any responsibility for any abuse of these addresses. we hope that you find the best Philadelphia kids karate classes near your local area, if not please revise the map.

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