20 best Martial arts Seattle Kids Programs and near WA

Martial arts schools and classes for kids in Seattle and near of Washington ( WA ), many schools offer Kids Martial arts Programs in addition to adult classes.

 1. MKG Martial Arts International
Category: Martial Arts
Neighborhood: Northgate

MKG Martial Arts International  Pros: - Family Friendly (Kids classes) - Healthy Environment (Instructors+ Classmates) - Good location (For Me) - Easy Parking - A wide variety of Martial Arts (Muay Thai, Kickboxing

2. Alpha Martial Arts
Category: Martial Arts
Neighborhood: University District
a good deal.  I expect this is a good place for kids, too.  I see them in the other classes, and little kids in martial arts gear are so cute.

3. Greenlake Martial Arts School
Category: Martial Arts
Neighborhood: Green Lake
Part of my "Parenting With Renewed Vigor and Attention to Detail" campaign clearly outlined the need to enroll my kids in some new extracurricular physical activity.   I embarked on this first at Alpha Martial Arts

4. Wise Orchid Martial Arts
Categories: Martial Arts, Tai Chi
Neighborhood: International District
In Tai chi class! Viola is so genuinely passionate about her art and it shows. A couple weeks ago, just before she was to leave for a martial arts camp, she looked like a kid on Christmas morning. So eager

 5. Fighting Chance Seattle
Category: Martial Arts
Neighborhood: Ballard
It was first-rate martial arts instruction. I've trained in a variety of martial arts over the past 6 years. Some martial arts schools merely mimic movements and do not have

6. Ivan Salaverry Mixed Martial Arts Studio
Category: Martial Arts
Classes offer students the ability to follow a certain path such as boxing or wrestling, or to get a great overall mixed martial arts experience in by mixing up classes.  The atmosphere of each class is fun and fast

7. Kung Fu Kids & Seattle Kajukenbo
Category: Martial Arts
Neighborhood: Central District
This is a mixed martial arts school and the variety of all the classes is great.  you couldn't find a greater group of people to train with.  i leave each class feeling awesome.

8. Seven Star Women's Kung Fu
Category: Martial Arts
Neighborhood: Central District
Seven Star will also be offering 4 week self defense classes, meeting once a week. It is a great way for women who want to learn self defense to do so if they don't particularly care about learning martial arts.

9. Capoeira Males - Mestre Curisco
Categories: Martial Arts, Arts & Entertainment
Neighborhood: Beacon Hill
student's needs and his trainings are intense and fun. If you want to be in the best shape of your life, come try capoeira with us! Capoeira is not just any Martial Art, come experience it for yourself! Classes for all

10. Bahia In Motion
Categories: Dance Studios, Martial Arts, Arts & Entertainment
Neighborhood: Queen Anne
classes for kids and hands down this is THE BEST!  Taught in English and Portuguese, amazing Brazilian music, combo of dance/martial arts, singing, nonstop action, my daughter was thrilled


Alpha Martial Arts
2923 NE Blakeley St‏
Seattle, WA‏
(206) 528-3737

Jae H Kim Taekwondo Institute
1900 N 45th St‏
Seattle, WA‏
(206) 632-2535

Greenlake Martial Arts
319 NE 72nd St‏
Seattle, WA‏
(206) 522-2457

Quantum Martial Arts
964 Denny Way‏
Seattle, WA‏
(206) 322-4799

Minakami Karate
9871 Aurora Ave N‏
Seattle, WA‏
(206) 525-6100

KING5 Best of Western Washington
Seattle WA 98188

Pichard Kempo Karate
Location: 9250 14th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA
Chinese Kempo Karate encourages physical fitness by increasing endurance, strength, muscle tone, and mental alertness. Kempo Karate can also enhance the development of self-esteem, a positive a...

Alki Kids Tae Kwon Do
Location: 6115 SW Hinds Street, Alki Congregational Church, Seattle, WA

Alki Kids Tae Kwon Do offers classes in tai chi, chi gong, yoga, kids' Bushido training, and tae kwon do, taught by Master Steve Coates, Seventh Degree Black Belt Koryo Moo Sool Association.

One Point Holistic Center
Location: 12322 Highway 99, Unit 96, Everett, WA
One Point Holistic Center offers classes in creative dance for toddlers through age five, aikido for ages five and up, and yoga for teens and adults. Dance and aikido summer camps are also avai...

Harmony Arts
Location: 849 Hiawatha Place South, Seattle, WA
Harmony Arts offers classes for kids and teens ages three and up, including self-defense, kung fu, yoga, and girls' empowerment programs. Movement based therapy is available

The Little Gym
Location: 7777 15th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA
The Little Gym offers age-appropriate movement and gymnastics for kids at all levels of experience.
A room painted with brightly colored murals, filled with gymnastics equipment...

Jefferson Community Center
Location: 3801 Beacon Avenue S, Seattle, WA
Jefferson serves a wide range of ethnic groups, and boasts a staff who are fluent in Chinese, Korean, Portuguese

Programs include youth and adult sports leagues
Bitter Lake Community Center
Location: 13035 Linden Avenue N, Seattle, WA
Bitter Lake offers before- and after-school care; pre-school, grade school, and teen programs; youth sports (basketball, football, nerf soccer, girls' volleyball, roller skating, and tennis less...

Fauntleroy YMCA
Location: 9140 California Avenue, Seattle, WA
Facilities at Fauntleroy include a gymnasium, with classes for kids in martial arts. Youth sports include basketball, indoor soccer, and T-ball.

Summer programs
Green Lake Community Center
Location: 7201 E Green Lake Drive N, Seattle, WA
Green Lake Community Center offers a variety of programs for all ages, including a play center for toddlers, pottery classes, sports (tennis, martial arts, volleyball, flag football, soccer,


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