What is best sparring gear karate for kids? Shock Wave Vs Macho Dyna Vs ProForce

Macho Martial Arts --Sparring Gear Set - Black color
Set includes a Pair of Punches, Pair of Kicks, Head guard, and Mouth Guard Dyna. Proven, Trusted, Popular and Still Innovative
Very Comfortable and Durable
All Macho gear is reinforced at stress points to minimize cracking and makes it virtually tear proof. Sewn Labels on ends of velcro keep gear more secure. Specially formulated top-coat for added durability and sleeker look. Head: Dyna Head Gear The Dyna Line is Macho's most popular sparring gear and is the industry standard. High-quality 7/8" foam headgear features ear-release canals for added protection to eardrums during sparring. Punch: Dyna Punches Patented finger grip design accommodates all open and closed hand techniques. Features include full coverage, double foam padding over the knuckles and vinyl strap across the palm for a tighter grip during sparring. Kick: Dyna Kicks Our Dyna kick has a patented laceless design with stable criss-cross strapping and radial reinforcements at stress points. Bottom vinyl strips to ensure a secure fit during sparring. Guard: Mouth Guard- Single Custom Fit in Seconds! This mouth guard is designed by dental experts to help protect your teeth. Made from non-toxic space age polymer.

Shock Wave Back-fist sparring gloves - Black
Artificial leather sparing gloves.
Far more durable alternative to "paint covered foam" gloves.
Works well for wide variety of hand sizes.
No special care required.

Macho Dyna Student Sparring Gear Set:
Save big with this student sparring gear set from Macho. Each set includes headgear, a pair of sparring gloves and a pair of sparring boots. MACHO Size Chart

ProForce Lightning Sparring Head Guard Headgear
3/4" thick vinyl-coated foam offers protection for the entire circumference of the head. Covers full forehead.
Cutouts around neck allows for more mobility greater ventilation.
Eye cutouts allow for greater peripheral vision.
Elastic strap under chin secures with hook and loop closure.
Available with matching Punch, Kick, and Forearm/Shin Guards.

What is cheapest place to get kids sparring gear? 
Amazon have many sizes for any age of children but many of them not as cheap as it could be called the cheapist but you can search in other markets as surely you will find cheap equipments for your children but keep in mind not always low price means good quality, also Amazon have choices to purchase another used ones to suit your budget.
To be honest; Century is a great place to get good equipment but go with the cheapest first. you don't want to get stuck with expensive gear if your child wants to drop out after a week

What size of karate sparring gear need for a 7 years old kid?
The best and easiest advice I have read is concluded as below:
Kids size uniform: if he is an average size child He will need a size 0 size 1 if he is really tall for his age.
Kids size gloves: will be the size large to an adult small. a little bit big glove won't hurt a bit and they can grow into them fast.
Kid size feet: the feet pads go by 2x shoe sizes. that means if your son wears a size 3 then you need to get him a 3-4 the shoes will be listed as 1-2 or 3-4 or 5-6 or 7-8 and so on. and just like the gloves a little bit bigger shoe size wont hurt because the grow out of them fast and it wont hinder their ability.
The size of kid's head: go with a MED unless your child has a watermelon head. Sstick with the foam pads and not boxing gloves.


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